What Parents Say

Selecting a school for your child is an exciting process. Free Union families are eager to share thoughts about their experience at our school with prospective families. Upon request, we are happy to connect prospective families with current families. Please contact Jolee in our office at 434-978-1700 or send her an email. Jolee coordinates admission to the school and is always willing to respond to inquiries.

Current Free Union parents have answered these two questions:

  • Why did you choose to send your child to Free Union Country School?
  • Now that your family is part of the community, what are the reasons that you are happy with the school?

We hope that you find their responses helpful as you learn about the Free Union community.

Why we chose Free Union

We came to Free Union for preschool, fully intending to go to our local public school for kindergarten and beyond. But after that first year, we couldn't leave. Experiencing how each child is seen as an individual, noticing that teachers are happy in their work, seeing how learning is exciting, interesting and never rote, becoming part of the family community, and listening to the speeches of the fifth grade graduates that embody self confidence and love of the school, we knew this was the place for our children. -Lisa, parent

Why we have stayed

Free Union Country School is magic. It provides a special and unique education where children are respected and valued, learning is creative and meaningful, and fun and joy abound. As a parent, it was my great pleasure to pick up my children from elementary school and find them dirty, tired and happy. They really do play outside everyday and they really do get dirty. But at the same time, they really learn to read and write and do math and more than that, they learned critical thinking and problem-solving skills. I had supreme trust in the educators there -- that they would care for and love my children and teach them well. As the parent of two graduates, I am so grateful that Free Union was (and always will be) a part of our lives. -Claire, parent

Because of Free Union... (parents comment)

My child has learned that school is a safe and nurturing place where he can be himself.

My children are able to make friends and handle academics confidently. My two alumni have wonderful memories of elementary school and their childhood, thanks to Free Union.

My children are happy in their own skin, and see the world with an eye toward working together, rather than being 'right' or 'wrong.'

My child loves learning, can think critically, and has an amazing educational base. Both kids are comfortable speaking in public and thinking for themselves; and they have great memories with wonderful role models.

My child is confident, well rounded, and enjoyed every minute of elementary school.

My children are comfortable talking with people and looking them in the eye, are not afraid to ask for help and guidance from their teachers. This comes from the wonderful relationships with their FU teachers. Also, they learned to be inclusive and kind to younger children.

My child continues to love learning and be curious, and has developed a healthy sense of self despite early math and reading comprehension issues (indeed, they are the stronger for it due to the way the school worked with us to help our child experience success there).

My children are able to be themselves with confidence

My child got more one-on-one time and made strong relationships with teachers.

My child can write well, speak in front of groups, and is confident among his peers. He loves art and still is playful and not afraid to be a child.

My child can confidently navigate the middle school experience.