Head of School Transition

Head of School Transition Process

After seven years of outstanding leadership, ElizaBeth McCay announced at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year that this would be her final year at Free Union Country School. Free Union has benefitted greatly from ElizaBeth’s leadership. She expanded enrollment, supported the community service program, and oversaw the creation of a new Outdoor Classroom, among many other achievements. Her legacy will be long-lasting and we are grateful for the years she has spent with our children.

Shelly Jones-Wilkins has been a member of the Free Union Country School Board of Trustees for seven years, and 2018-19 will be her second year as Co-Chair of the Board. She will serve as Chair of the Head of School Search Committee. The search process promises to be a positive opportunity for growth for our school, and will rely on broad participation from the school community.

The Search Committee has solicited community feedback (our strengths, where we can improve, our vision for leadership going forward) during the self-study phase. An online survey, focus groups, and interviews have yielded valuable insights that contributed to the crafting of an “Opportunity Statement” (position description and guidelines for applying).

The Search Committee has retained the services of Southern Teachers Agency (ST) to assist with our search process. Now that the Opportunity Statement has been posted, the Search Committee is in a quiet phase as applications and preliminary interviews are highly confidential. Once finalists for the position are identified, the community will have a chance to meet them and provide feedback to the Search Committee on those finalists. Thank you in advance for your active participation in this exciting time for our school.

Updates to the Community