Free Union Country School Faculty and Staff

Beth WinnBeth Winn

Second Grade Teacher

Beth rejoins the Free Union faculty in her beloved second grade after a twelve-year hiatus during which she hiked many mountains, taught many children, and had two of her own. Beth holds an undergraduate degree in environmental science from Duke University and completed a master's in elementary science education at the Teton Science School and the University of Colorado. She has designed and taught curricula at a botanical preserve in northern Virginia and a science museum in Colorado, and has led camping trips in the Teton mountains. However, her desire to form deeper and more long-lasting relationships with her students led her into the classroom where she continues to facilitate inquiry-based learning in all subjects. She lives in Ivy with her husband, two sons (both Free Union students), two dogs, two gerbils, and five chickens. She thrives on children's wonderful ideas, long runs, and getting lost in a great book.