Free Union Country School Faculty and Staff

Jess BurnsJess Burns

Kindergarten Teacher

After leading early childhood extended day, Jess rejoins the staff as our kindergarten teacher. She and her daughter Maggie come to us from Pittsburgh where she was involved for years in many capacities with the Waldorf School. Most recently, she earned an MSW from the University of Pittsburgh and piloted a large-scale mentorship and work skills training project for the most underprivileged teens in the state. Her deepest interests lie in effective community interventions and community building, in response to the great economic disparities of our time. Her teaching style imbues in students a sense of accountability to the larger group and the environment. Jess's coworkers describe her as the most patient person they have ever known. She can often be found anywhere outdoors year-round, hunting for fossils and arrowheads, and loves cold-water swimming. She is thrilled to be a part of a community that shares her ideals and interest in progressive education.