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What to wear when it gets really, really cold!

Grace might be in Germany but we are still using her Michigander recommendations!

Base layers: 
• Long Underwear or a thermal layer to wear under regular in colder weather makes a HUGE difference. A non-cotton tight-fitting layer works best -- synthetic or wool work best but any extra layer will help! 
• Socks! and dry extra socks can be a real superpower in kids feeling confident to play outdoors in any weather. Wool will keep feet happiest and warm on cold, wet days.

Outer Layers: 
• Warm Fleece/Sweatshirt layer that can fit under a warmer jacket or rain shell. 
• Warm Jacket/Shell. In the cooler months of Virginia, the temperature can vary greatly in a day. Best to always have a warm coat on hand! 
• Rain Pants - optional but are great for playing outside on drizzly days or muddy days in the garden. These fit over regular pants. 
• Rain boots! It's great if these can be kept at school.

Cold Weather Extras: 
• Warm hat and scarf
• Mittens and/or gloves: thin pairs are good for cool days, but insulated water-resistant ones are better on wet or snowy days.

Final note:
Coming prepared with the right layers will make a big difference in the day of a child. The correct gear can feel really empowering for children learning and playing in the natural world. With so much variation in a day, having lots of layers on hand is key!