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The Free Union Spring Fair is back on!!! (Virtually, of course) starting Sunday, May 24

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         We hope you will join us starting Sunday for a week of virtual fun! The attached PDF lays out the week's activities, as well as some links to sign-ups and social media feeds. You can also scroll down below the graphic for complete descriptions of each day's activities. CBS TV story on the Fairy Trail.

Virtual Spring Fair

SUNDAY and MONDAY: Come visit the fairies at school!

That's right -- You can come back to campus for a brief visit with the fairies who are setting up their spring camp along the nature trail! They used their magic to set up a NO-TOUCH fairy trail and we know they would love to have some human visitors. See CBS TV News story on the Fairy Trail.

Because of the need for strict social distancing, you will need to sign up for a time slot allowing you to have the nature trail to yourself. Please use this link to learn more about the details and rules, as well as sign up for a time.

We hear the fairies are also using their magic to deliver little treats to the doorsteps of all current Free Union students this weekend. Look for a little package arriving soon! If you would rather not receive this, or would like to pick up yours from school, please email Courtney.

MONDAY: Build your own fairy habitat at home!

We all know Free Union's campus is a magical place, but this spring we have learned that with the help of a little technology, the same magic extends to our homes. On Monday, we encourage everyone to build a fairy-trail inspired creation somewhere near your home. Add a photo to your Instagram or Facebook feed (be sure to tag the school's account and use #freeunionspringfair) or email a picture to Megan Spofford. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

TUESDAY: Paint a family member's face!

Big bonus of virtual spring fair - NO long lines to wait in for face paint! Why are we still excited about face painting from a distance? It combines some of Free Union's favorite things: creativity, playfulness, imagination, and self-expression!

Face painters of all ages are encouraged to embrace childhood and the simple and innocent light-hearted feeling it brings. It will be a mood changer!

Again, we hope you will add a photo to your instagram or facebook feed (tag the school and use our hashtag!) or email a picture to Megan Spofford.

WEDNESDAY: Bake an award-winning cake!

Live Music! Dancing! Cake! Every year the fair players walk, dance, skip, strut around in a circle aiming to halt at the lucky number to win a cake. Cake is what’s served on the happiest days of your life – a party, a birthday, a Spring Fair. Bake a cake or some cupcakes today, dance around in a circle, eat cake, be happy! Please post a photo of your cake (and your cake walkers) for all to enjoy.

THURSDAY: Create your own a fair-inspired game!

How can it be spring without the Lollipop Garden and Dino Dig? Maybe you have been longing for the chance to hurl a wet sponge at a friend's face or try your luck at balloon darts? Get creative and see what games you can design and enjoy with your family. We'd love to see a video!

FRIDAY: Celebrate the Free Union community with a fun night of Bingo!

There are parts of the Spring Fair that we can't replicate this year-- no first pony rides for the littlest students and no delicious ice cream sandwiches from the food tent. But really what makes the Spring Fair such a wonderful tradition is that it gives our community the chance to gather. Alumni often return with their friends.

While socially distant, we can still gather for some fun. We are going to try to pull off a Bingo Night open to the whole community. If this sounds fun to you, we hope you will sign up! We will send out a Zoom link along with bingo cards to print at home. You just need to sign up here.

We hope this gives you the chance to relive some of your favorite Spring Fair memories, and maybe make a few new ones! Questions? Email Sarah Raffinan. Pictures to share? Email Megan Spofford.

A note about social media for those who use it: The more you join in with us on Instagram and Facebook, the wider our audience will be. Also, because of algorithms, the more times you "like" our posts, the more people get to see us. Please, if you see these posts in your feed, leave a comment or like the post! And don't forget to tag us and use the hashtag #freeunionspringfair!

We can't wait to see what you all come up with! We know that this community is full of creative minds who will find a way to make this event amazing, even at a distance.

-- The Free Union Virtual Spring Fair Committee