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How about sharing your favorite book or poem with the kids of Free Union?

Hello Free Union friends and families,

We think about all of you so much -- imagining what you might be doing within the smaller confines of home and hearth and hoping that all are well and safe. We find that although we'd rather see each other in the same room, Zooming in and glimpsing puppies, goats, science experiments, and the faces of our kids lifts our spirits every time. We had a thought.

How about helping us celebrate Book-in (and reading at all times!) by sharing a much-loved book or poem. We are collecting an online library of our favorite folks reading aloud so warm up those vocal chords and share! Silly voices, props, felt boards. . . it will all be appreciated! Send video files (or, if you know how to upload, your Youtube links) to: and then gather materials for a blanket fort on Friday!

Feel free to ask alum friends, grandparents, theatrical neighbors. . . We aim to have a vast repository of good works read by some of our favorite people. As you select (please do!) keep in mind that most viewers will be under eight, interested in most things but also wiggly.

Miss you all oodles,