Planning to enroll your child in a new school is a complex decision that typically is motivated by the following advantages found in private elementary schools:

  • Class size tends to be smaller, offering teachers a chance to know your child better.
  • The freedom of private schools to set the curriculum

  • The opportunity to select a school that fits your family’s values and philosophy.
  • Parental involvement is encouraged allowing deeper understanding of the full educational experience.

  • Sense of community where students can feel safe, comfortable, and passionate about learning -- academically and socially.

Among the best advice about changing schools that we have read is included in the 4 reasons your child may be ready to switch schools.

Free Union cardinal t-shirts are now available, from 2T up to XXXXL! Get a 2T for your pet iguana and one for your preschooler... and while you're feeling indulgent, how about a 4XL for the sad and neglected Goliath Tigerfish in the brook behind your house. A portion of each sale is returned to the school. Here is a link.            

After-school enrichment is available from school dismissal until 5:30 PM every school day. For the next 8 weeks, until October 29, three after-school clubs are meeting:

Tuesdays: Gardening Club
Thursdays: Chess Club.
Fridays: Art Club
Other after-school days are free play.

Many heartfelt thanks to our dedicated teachers and staff. We are 100 vaccinated to protect our students, our colleagues, and our community!

Journey Group, a local consulting entity with clients like The Nature Conservancy, the US Postal Service, the Smithsonian Institution, and now Free Union Country School, helped us understand ourselves and create a logo or symbol that sums up:

  • the idea of children spreading their wings
  • the delight found in nature
  • the simple design using geometric shapes
  • fundamental ideas or cardinal virtues
  • positivity -- cardinals sing yearround, brightening the world with song
  • parental involvement -- cardinals are considered fantastic parents, sharing duties of raising their young
  • community -- cardinals do not migrate; they remain in the communities in which they were born

The bright pop of color, the design element that echoes block shapes, and the quickly recognizable nature of the graphic coupled with the list above made sense.