Elementary schools (including PreK classrooms) should require students, teachers, and staff to wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status. This recommendation should stay until vaccination is available for children under 12 years old and there has been enough time for children younger than 12 years old to be fully vaccinated. July 26, 2021 VDH Policy

We are seeking a part-time art teacher for kindergarten through fifth grade. From the messy (3-D, clay, group canvases) to the finely honed (drawing, painting, work with perspective), the Free Union art teacher should nurture creativity and see the artist in every student. In keeping with the tenets of progressive education, we believe that exposure to a diversity of art and culture enriches our students' education.

While Ronée officially begins on Wednesday, July 7, 2021, she already has hit the ground running, setting up appointments, visiting staff and faculty, and moving into a house near our campus. The board was determined to find a leader with the capacity to build on Eric's legacy and the wisdom to enrich it. Ronée comes to us with a varied background in child-centered education, independent school admissions, student advocacy, diversity and inclusion, social ethics, and law. Welcome, Ronée!

For 2021 - 22, beginning with school opening, there will be after school enrichment available from school dismissal until 5:30 PM every school day. More detailed information will be available soon. Please stay tuned! 

Journey Group, a local consulting entity with clients like The Nature Conservancy, the US Postal Service, the Smithsonian Institution, and now Free Union Country School, helped us understand ourselves and create a logo or symbol that sums up:

  • the idea of children spreading their wings
  • the delight found in nature
  • the simple design using geometric shapes
  • fundamental ideas or cardinal virtues
  • positivity -- cardinals sing yearround, brightening the world with song
  • parental involvement -- cardinals are considered fantastic parents, sharing duties of raising their young
  • community -- cardinals do not migrate; they remain in the communities in which they were born

The bright pop of color, the design element that echoes block shapes, and the quickly recognizable nature of the graphic coupled with the list above made sense.