Something you may not know about Tim from Alison Lubin's excellent introduction (read more) is his belief that student academic and social growth is enhanced when they feel they belong. During his interviews for the position, Tim observed quickly that Free Union creates immediate avenues to belonging by enabling students to refer to staff by their first names. In the coming days we will share with you Tim's experience in education leadership and pedagogy. But first...

Illustrated and dictated by Kindergarteners and read by 5th graders, this video book in four entertaining minutes reveals the heart and soul of our School.

... in subsequent indoor classroom engagement. Although it was once thought that time outdoors, even recess, would leave students keyed up and unable to focus when they returned for indoor classroom lessons, precisely the reverse seems to be true. The research paper suggests that schools like Free Union and many in Scandinavia confer advantages to growth and learning across the curriculum through instruction outdoors and indoors that the vast majority of schools in the United States are yet to embrace. More to follow!

Fairy Camp, Water Fun, Tangents, Science, Chess, Music, Mini Scientists, Dungeons and Dragons, and Harry Potter! Camps bring kids together, teach skills, boost confidence, and build character -- and they're great fun, too! Peruse here and register!

With the support and guidance of our health team we have decided that, starting one week after spring break (April 18), wearing a mask outside will be optional. We will continue to require all students and adults to wear a mask indoors. This modification to our existing policy is consistent with our adherence to the guidance issued by the CDC and the Virginia Department of Health as we transition from pandemic to endemic protocols.