The school held a physically distanced, socially united graduation ceremony on campus for ten fifth-grade graduates and their families. The rest of the school community attended via live stream from the comfort of their homes. Photos of the graduates.

Sarah, our preschool teacher, brings Chicken Tales to life. They are terrific! And each brief podcast ends with a funny joke and a silly activity of the day.

Wish it weren't so, but the health and safety of students remain the priority.

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Look in on our students quarantined at home, writing haikus, meeting daily as a class via Zoom, observing insect life at a backyard stream, solving math problems crafted from a fast-food menu, helping in new ways in garden or kitchen, enlisting parents in their independent research projects, creating a digital sweet-16 bird identification tournament to take the edge off of you know what, and reading, reading, reading... every day and a lot!

Check the CBS and NBC TV coverage of the Fairy Trail, and our Instagram feed for extensive pictorial coverage of the rest of the week, including a Friday family night of Zoom Bingo.