Share WaterThird, fourth, and fifth grade art and science students have been working on something that combines visual art, environmental science, and social justice. Our art teacher Courtney explains: We talked about what makes for a visual argument that invites you in. We also discussed water and water conservation. A nationwide project that was titled, “Imagine a Day Without Water" was reframed to "Imagine a Day WITH Water" that now includes the aspirations of the many with no water because it has run dry by drought, been turned off because of poverty, or contaminated by toxins. New ways to look at art, water, and people.

Science 11222It is only appropriate that the breeze was blowing leaves through our gorgeous outdoor classroom at Free Union Country School while we were hard at work designing our FantaSeeds: seeds with fantastic dispersal mechanisms!

DiwaliOne of our school families had their Diwali celebration at school one weekend, and they kindly left their beautiful rangolis, flowers, and candles for us all to enjoy as we arrived back at school on Monday. Diwali, India's most important holiday of the year, inspired some of our elementary students to make their own rangoli designs from chalk and sand!

Screen Shot 2022 09 29 at 10.54.34 AMHow about some oldie-but-goodie naturalist games to heighten the senses?

Monarch ButterfliesIn early autumn, we play host to the Monarch Butterflies that lay their eggs on the undersides of milkweed leaves outside our classroom. Voraciously the caterpillars chew and chomp and grow stage by stage until they metamorphose into the beautiful butterfly above. It's also a time for poetry journals and buddies and a time when our more reserved students find their voices.