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Teachers Re-Experience What It's Like to be Students!

A week before students arrive, teachers are back at school preparing for your children by taking part in Jonathan Shay's Tangents class. As they pursue their own interests with hand-crafted projects, just like the children will, they come face to face with the spark of an idea to make fractions understandable in math, or to provide an incentive for expository writing as students divulge how they made a night light for reading under the covers at bedtime.

While veering off on a tangent is often seen as unfocused and wasteful, by providing tools and materials and minimal guidance to elementary school students, tangents become wild forays into creativity, a love of the moment, and a joy in learning. And as Jonathan reminds us, "you cannot beat the side benefits: intellectual stimulation, emotional tranquility, pride of ownership, and a very excited group of kids working together."

For more about Tangents Class, follow this link to another article on this website: Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun (Einstein)

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