2023 - 2024 Annual Tuition

Tuition for the 2023-2024 school year is listed below by grade level. A tuition deposit will be due with the electronically completed and signed Enrollment Packet in FACTS upon acceptance of enrollment. Applied directly to tuition, the deposit is $500 for Preschool & Pre-K and $700 for K thru 5. The remainder of the tuition may be paid with one of 3 payment options:

  1. one (1) payment - due July 2023
  2. three (3) payments - due July '23, October '23, and February '24
  3. ten (10) payments - due monthly from July '23 through April '24

For the '23-'24 school year, Free Union Country School will start using FACTS, an independent third party, to process tuition payments and enrollment documents. FACTS accounts must be set up by all Free Union Country School families to enable the School to accept tuition payments. The school charges 1.5% of tuition (after deposit) for the 3-payment plan and 2.5% of tuition (after deposit) for the 10-payment plan. 

Grade LevelTuition
Preschool Mornings
Preschool - 2 mornings - T,Th $5,200
Preschool - 3 mornings - M,W,F $7,500
Preschool - 5 mornings $12,500
Preschool Full Days
Preschool - 2 full days - T,Th $7,000
Preschool - 3 full days - M,W,F $9,950
Preschool - 5 full days $16,500
Full Days
Pre-Kindergarten $17,500
Kindergarten $20,050
1st - 5th Grades $20,400

At Free Union Country School, we are committed to providing an enriching educational experience for all children who would benefit from our programs, regardless of means. As we strive to support and include families from many backgrounds and circumstances, we also recognize that paying independent school tuition is a significant monetary commitment.

The Financial Aid program at Free Union provides assistance to families who require some help in order to enroll their child. A family's need in this case is the difference between what it costs to attend (the tuition) and a family’s ability to pay the tuition, as demonstrated in the Financial Aid Application.

Information about financial aid at Free Union is here. This link will take you to FACTS, our online tuition management system and avenue for financial aid applications.