Affording Free Union

Upon completing a tour of the School, many parents and guardians come to believe that Free Union is the right place for their child to gain a positive start toward a life of learning. Then the issue of finances comes up. "I believe my child will thrive here, but can I afford it?"

As parents take stock of their resources, expenses, and priorities, we thought it would be helpful to know more about financial aid at Free Union. Below are data points that paint a picture of the families that will receive financial aid for their child(ren) in 2022-23.

  • 39% of students receive financial aid.
  • 92% of those who apply for financial aid will receive it.
  • 50% of families seeking financial aid for more than one student will receive it.
  • The average aid package awarded per student is $8,836, 47% of full tuition.
  • The average income of an applicant granted an award for 2022-23 is $63,962.

From these data, you can see that a vast majority of families that apply for aid receive assistance—on average an award defraying about half the cost of tuition.

You may also wish to look at a parents-eye view of the school to understand why they believe this investment was the best they could have made.

If you have any questions about admissions (Jolee) or financial aid (Camilla), plese write them or call us at 434-978-1700.