Physical Education

Physical education at Free Union prioritizes fun, health-related fitness, athletic skills development, and teamwork where students have plenty of chance to hone their social skills. Encouraging children to be active is important in a society where childhood obesity and the associated health problems are epidemic. Each week students participate in two 45-minute periods of physical education. Eschewing a traditional gymnasium, kids have P.E. outside on our soccer field, on the blacktop basketball court, and occasionally throughout the campus as a whole. Kids at Free Union are outdoors a lot each day. Even academic classes can be held outside (as 90% were during the height of the COVID pandemic). Students are encouraged to share and create their own games, many of which become crowd favorites during lunch period and morning recess. P.E also incorporates school wide events such as the twice annual mile run, where students lace up and are challenged to run our campus mile course. Younger students run in buddy groups with older ones, and the whole school comes out to cheer runners and walkers on! 

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