Music and Drama

The Music/ Drama Program at Free Union aims to instill confidence and extend exploration. Throughout life, we are all at times required to speak in public, and how we handle ourselves in these situations can be very important. In a supportive and encouraging manner, we provide our students with countless opportunities to experience the process of presentation and performance. At any point in the day, in any class, the kids are able to share what they are learning or considering. The music and drama component supports this confidence-building focus with multiple performances throughout the year, including a play for each grade grouping.

The exploration part of our program is increasingly using the Orff-Schulwerk process for music and movement. This wonderful approach to learning allows for meaningful interaction among voice, movement, and instruments. Beginning with simple text and exploring its rhythm, the creative process can lead to large group ensembles on drum, recorder, and xylophone. As the children grow within the process, the choices and ideas become increasingly theirs, which is of course, the basis for lasting learning.