Child-centered philosophy

preschool shoes"Each child is unique and the protagonist of his or her growth." -Loris Malaguzzi

Young children arrive at preschool with joy, wonder, and motivation to make sense of their world. Our curriculum is centered in guided play, the give and take of a caring community, and a respect for student curiosity that encourages their questions and responses. In these ways students begin to make better sense of their world and their participation in it.

Reggio Emilia inspired: Teachers follow an approach that honors children's interests and questions and provides opportunities for exploration. By listening carefully to students, documenting their personal experience, discovery, and reaction, and helping interpret student activities and ideas, teachers shape learning. Teachers also guide the growth of community as they demonstrate kindness, model respect in resolving the inevitable conflicts, and encourage students to listen to each other.

Our students leave preschool motivated to learn, with skills in math, science, literacy, and social competence—but most importantly with confidence in themselves.

Program details

Preschool kung fuThe preschool day is from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM, with an option for half-day attendance dismissing at 12:30 PM. Our preschool program is open to students who will turn three by December 31st of the school year for which they are applying. Mixed-age classes are approximately 12 to 14 students on a given day, with a lead teacher and an assistant teacher.

Enrollment options available:

  • Five full days or mornings per week
  • Three full days or mornings per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
  • Two full days or mornings per week (Tuesday and Thursday)