kindergartener with bear

Each morning, kindergartners walk into a home away from home. Our loving, supportive, engaging classroom and teachers provide an atmosphere where children feel cherished from the minute they peek through the door to the minute they wave their goodbyes at the end of the day.

We know that kindergarten is the foundation for success in elementary school. Our kindergarten provides hands-on, multi-sensory experiences that instill a love of school and learning, help children develop self confidence, and foster a willingness to take risks. Visitors to the classroom might see kindergartners learning letters of the alphabet through music, art, and movement, or science through pouring, examining, drawing, and exploring, inside and outdoors.

Kindergartners enter school with a range of experiences and abilities. Our teachers know that one size doesn't fit all! The kindergarten day offers one-on-one, small group, and whole group experiences, and plenty of time for cooperative learning – all allowing teachers to differentiate their instruction and address the learning styles of each child.

Kindergarten jobsWe believe that emphasis on social skills is an integral part of school. In kindergarten, our teachers spend time modeling how to make friends, how to join a game, how to include others, and how to solve problems. It is only when children feel safe, comfortable, and accepted in their school environment that true learning can happen.

All kindergartners participate in Spanish, Physical Education, Music and Drama, and Art.