Fourth and Fifth Grades

In fourth and fifth grades, work from early years comes to fruition. Emphasis on a social curriculum becomes leadership, excitement about learning leads to independent study projects as well as mastery of late elementary school concepts, and opportunities for leadership enrich the academic experience for all students.

These final two years at Free Union Country School allow nine- and ten-year-olds to be children while mastering new and challenging academic content. Even with increased academic demands, they still play outside each day.

Traditions, such as Pizza Fridays, the annual trip to Cooper’s Cove, and the fifth grade trip to Washington DC, give the oldest children in the school special responsibilities and privileges.

The excitement about learning that emanates from the fourth and fifth graders is contagious. Younger children watch as their role models build trebuchets, create models of the human eye, and make board games based on their favorite novels.

Just as in second and third grades, our fourth and fifth grade classes are combined for homeroom, science and social studies, allowing once again for teachers to have children for two years, and for younger students to learn from their older classmates.