First Grade

Firrst Grade 22 23Students are steeped in engaging academics, a positive community, and developmentally responsive teaching. Free Union first graders face new and more structured academic learning with the continued commitment to hands-on experiences. Children actively participate in every subject area in ways that respect their individual learning pace and style. From writing, illustrating, and sharing class books that stem from math challenges to creating, planning, and designing community shared museum collections inspired by our learning, first graders are invested in their academic and social development. 

First grade is a year full of risk-taking, both academically and socially. Instruction is based on the Responsive Classroom approach to social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our first grade environment honors the emotional development of each child. 

First graders gain confidence in themselves through learning to cooperate, solving problems, and meeting new challenges. Weekly Class Council sessions give us time and space to revisit our classroom community’s pulse; we plan learning projects, discuss issues that need resolution and celebrate our shared growth. Students practice cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy and self control. When children experience their voices being heard and see their ideas bearing fruit, they grow as advocates for their own learning.