First Grade

first graders work with teacher at a tableAs you walk up the steps to our log cabin first grade classroom, the excitement about learning that defines Free Union Country School is palpable. Here you’ll find a year full of giant leaps. Our first graders face new, more structured academic challenges, but with the continued commitment to hands-on, project-based learning that allows children to actively participate in every subject area in ways that respect their individual learning pace and style. From measuring plants that we grow for our garden, to reading our own poetry at our annual Mother’s Day Tea, to building a giant insect model, first graders have reasons to be excited about their work.

First grade teachers understand that this important year is full of risk-taking, both academically and socially. Based on the Responsive Classroom approach, our first grade environment honors the emotional development of each child, and offers plenty of loving support. It is only when children feel safe and respected in their classroom that true learning can take place. The child gains confidence in himself as well as the academic process through learning to cooperate, solve problems, and meet new challenges. This confidence, in turn, prepares thestudent for success during the remaining elementary school years, and a lifetime of learning.