After Care

The school understands the need of many families for later pick-up options. Therefore, we offer an afterschool enrichment program staffed by teachers that runs from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM each day. Payment options include:

Afterschool #1 (3:00-4:30) -- $9/day prepaid; $12/day drop-in
Afterschool #2 (3:00-5:30) -- $15/day prepaid; $20/day drop-in

Very much like after-school visits to Grandma's, we serve a healthy snack each day and provide a rich array of learning opportunities and relaxed discovery, all in the service of inspiring a love of learning.

A qualified teacher offers an extended program that is aimed at encouraging the unique ways each student learns. Together, students and teacher study artists like Mondrian, make their own art, mix colors, have fun with GAK, launch paper airplanes, manage their own retail shops, reproduce cave paintings, occasionally get muddy and dirty, build a time machine, experiment with bird bath construction, and run around a lot! Recall the observation of Case Western Reserve University Medical School psychologist, Gary Landreth: "A child's play is his 'work.'"

Check out the after-school enrichment slide show below:

  • Woodland-fun.jpg
  • Student-portraits.jpg
  • After-school-science.jpg
  • Yay,-Smores!.jpg
  • Making-sand-castles.jpg
  • Kids'-cabin.jpg
  • Scarecrow-and-friend.jpg
  • Running-around.jpg
  • Contemplative-moment.jpg
  • Building-a-bird-bath.jpg
  • Young-entrepreneurs.jpg
  • Making-a-family-wreath.jpg
  • Color-mixing.jpg
  • Nature-Sculptures.jpg
  • The-science-of-flight.jpg
  • Finding-art-in-junk.jpg
  • Autumn-pumpkin-painting.jpg
  • Creating-safe-containers.jpg