Long-term Substitute, Primary/Elementary School Teacher (PS-5th grade)

Free Union Country School―a spirited, creative, closely-knit, good-humored, and invigorating learning community situated on a pastoral 7-acre campus―is seeking an imaginative, thoughtful, inventive, reliable, ardent, and dexterous educator to inspire, teach, guide, and coach a class of 9 young learners at our progressive elementary school.

For the 2020-21 school year, much of our learning (avg 75%) is taking place in outdoor settings, either beneath learning canopies, or elsewhere around campus employing project-based, discovery-oriented pedagogy. Students are equipped with mobile learning packs that include Crazy Creek camp chairs and portable lap desks. Daily, everyone on campus is screened, masked, and socially distanced according to CDC guidelines.

Candidates should connect readily with young people, and recognize and appreciate the essential importance of social-emotional development as an interconnected component of learning success; collaborate enthusiastically; model curiosity, respect, and a zeal for learning; understand and effectively implement a child-centered approach to teaching and learning; initiate independently and collaborate on a team; create age-appropriate plans for instruction; understand (or at least have the capacity and instincts for) positive discipline; and communicate effectively with others. Comfort with progressive pedagogical approaches such as project-based, inquiry-based, and/or solution-based learning; understanding by design; differentiated instruction; deep learning, etc. is preferred. Must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Students and teacher learning under an outdoor canopy Young children look up into the sky with binoculars

Students and teacher working outdoors under trees, wearing masks A student kneels on the ground in a hula hoop, working on a drawing

To apply, please use the application form to send a résumé or CV; a cover letter describing your interest, skills, and experience; and any artifact that captures your philosophy of teaching.