Early Childhood Teacher

For Preschool, Pre-K, and/or Kindergarten

Free Union Country School—a spirited, creative, closely-knit, good-humored, and invigorating learning community situated on a pastoral 7-acre campus—is seeking imaginative, caring, thoughtful, inventive, reliable, ardent, and dexterous early childhood educators to inspire, nurture, teach, and guide a class of 8-15 preschoolers, pre-kindergartners, or kindergartners at our progressive independent school.

Strong candidates will be able to establish and demonstrate experience, success, and/or understanding with progressive pedagogical early childhood approaches such as emergent curriculum, Reggio Emilia, child-driven constructivist pedagogy. Our next teacher will connect easily with and care thoughtfully for young people, and recognize and appreciate the essential importance of social-emotional development as an interconnected component of learning success; collaborate enthusiastically; model curiosity, respect, and a zeal for learning; understand and effectively implement a child-centered approach to teaching and learning; initiate independently and collaborate on a team; create age-appropriate plans for instruction; understand (or at least have the capacity and instincts for) positive discipline; and communicate effectively with others. Must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

To apply, please email a resume or CV; a cover letter describing your interest, skills, and experience; and any artifact that captures your philosophy of teaching to .

Two students working together Young children play in the rain, wearing rain suits

Free Union Country School seeks this full-time teacher, committed to the core principles and best practices in progressive education, to teach in its younger students classes starting in August, 2021. We are a community committed to diversifying along ethnic, economic, and religious lines and welcome applicants who represent and broaden that diversity.