Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees oversees the affairs of Free Union Country School to ensure adherence to the school's philosophy and mission. The Board develops and establishes policy, assesses the performance of the school, bears responsibility for the school's financial condition and physical plant, and plans for the school's long-term financial health. The Board selects and works cooperatively with the Head of School, delegating administration of the school to the Head who is subject to Board evaluation. Each Trustee acts as an advocate for the School and a supporter of the Head of School.

The Board meets monthly at the school on the first Monday of each month at 7 PM.

Free Union Country School
Board of Trustees

Allison MacDonald, Co-Chair ()
Sarah Raffinan, Co-Chair ()
Vernon Watts, Secretary  
Isabelle Baldwin  
Dave Baum  
Ken Horne  
Michele Jarman  
Kristen Pearlstein  
Marc Peritz  
Tom Romer  
Laurie Shannon  
Mark Sherriff  
Lyraya Showstack  
Heather Swindler  

Ex Officio Members

Eric Anderson, Head of School ()
Jeanna Raleigh, Business Manager
Faculty Representative is a rotating position