• A young girl looks across a fence into a field

    At Free Union, learning is...

  • Group of students wave butterfly nets excitedly on the outdoor classroom deck

    At Free Union, learning is...

  • A boy watches a girl traverse the play structure

    At Free Union, learning is...

  • Girl works in her nature study workbook under the trees

    At Free Union, learning is...

  • Two students read a picture book together among colorful pencils

    At Free Union, learning is...

  • Preschoolers in rain gear laugh and stomp in a mud puddle

    At Free Union, learning is...

  • A student peers into a microscope

    At Free Union, learning is...

  • Students and their teacher read together under a tree

    At Free Union, learning is...
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Our Response to COVID-19: The Opening and Continuing of School, 2020-2021

Plans for reopening school in fall 2020, how we will keep students safe and healthy, structural changes in the campus ongoing this summer (e.g., construction of three "outdoor" classrooms), maintenance of continuity of learning and minimizing of the chaos in student and family life.

Welcome to Free Union Country School!

We are a progressive, independent elementary school, serving eager learners in preschool through fifth grade near Charlottesville, Virginia.

The school philosophy begins with the child at the center. Natural curiosity, creativity, and eagerness to explore are powerful forces that drive learning.

Our Free Union Way

  • Same as Before, but Different: Buddy Pen Pals

    Each year our graduates give the graduation speeches: original, heartfelt, full of humor, brimming with gratitude, and invariably with warm reference to their buddies. At Free Union, each student has one—a younger or older student with whom they form a special relationship. But COVID-19 and the need for social distance has prompted a rethinking of how we do Buddies.

Learning in Action