Order 2017 holiday wreaths and decorations now!

It's November and winter holidays are just around the corner! At Free Union Country School this means that it is once again time for a favorite tradition-- our annual Wreath Sale.  

Feel free to pass this information along to friends, neighbors, and family members. Order forms are due at school by Monday, November 20th.

Click here to find the Holiday Wreath Sale order form for this year. 

Members of the school community make and decorate all types of winter delights.  Even though it is traditionally called "Wreath Week", the fun lasts longer than just one week and we make so much more than wreaths! In addition to boxwood and mixed evergreen wreaths and swags, there will be tabletop trees, gorgeous printed gift tags and gift bags, and other festive items to sell. This holiday sale is an important part of our school's fundraising efforts for a variety of school initiatives. Last year we made over $7,000!


NOW: Please know that we count on our school families and friends to collect interesting dried plant materials for embellishing the wreaths. These materials can be left on the front porch. If you aren't sure what exactly to collect, we will soon post a list of common treasures that we always love to have. 

MONDAY: We also hope many of you will make plans to come to our workshopMonday, November 13th, 8:45-noon. We will focus on the handmade items for the sale that are easy to make ahead and don't tend to wilt or dry out. This year we will be working on printmaking at school or join Jen Davis to cut boxwood at Sarah Bedford's house in town on Sunday, November 26th, 1-3pm. You can sign up here

DURING WREATH WEEK (November 27-December 1): The work sessions during wreath week are when the bulk of the work gets done and they are also the most fun. We rely on our many volunteers to come and contribute both talents and energies. Whether you are a wreath-decorating wizard or more comfortable with a job that demands less creativity, we would love to have you. Don't be intimidated, just sign up and come enjoy the warm community of our small-but-mighty school. (Side note: The work room is a bustling hive of activity, with large sharp pins and hot glue guns all around. For that reason, it should be a kid free zone. Aftercare is provided for Free Union students if you are volunteering after school.)

Thanks for your help in making this a successful fundraiser! We couldn't do it without you!

Many thanks,

Megan Spofford (meganspofford.freeunion@gmail.com) and Susan Watts ()